No Glove, No Love

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The class of 2014. #HOFWKND

"Frank Thomas is the greatest hitter all-around. For batting average, for taking a walk, for not striking out, for hitting a three-run homer or a single to right field, or getting a hit in the first inning or the ninth inning, for getting a hit with the game on the line—oh, yeah, he’s the best hitter I’ve ever seen. And the greatest front-runner, too. If he’s got three hits, he’ll go to the plate for his fourth at bat and get another hit. Most guys have two or three hits and don’t bear down like that. Pete Rose was as intense going for his third or fourth hit. That’s Frank. Greedy bastards, they are."


Walt Hriniak, former White Sox hitting coach

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God he looks so baby and also hot as fuck.

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yeah man i may wanna bang half the league but i still love the sport

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